Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I'm Working on a New Site...

I just started developing a website to house everything this company is.
When it is complete, this will move in as well.
So far, I got most of the main hubs developed.
All I need to do is link in the sub pages (which will take a while because the videos is a powerhouse)
And embed the site into other pages, and maybe some decoration...
So it's about 15% developed right now.
Besides my schoolwork and video work, I will work on this from time and time.
So expect it live in 2013.
This is DB Corp.
Look out for it

Friday, September 21, 2012

So Now There is A Set Schedule...

I will be posting on here once a month now so I can stay constant

Today's post is How Can Pokemon Be More Enticing (The "Fair" Battle Tower)
With Pokemon becoming more and more lengthy
Regular wi-fi battles aren't cutting it
I suggest that Pokemon fans should have a wi-fi war
Here's how it will work:

To be fair, each pokemon will be group by classes in 10s like battle frontier (or whatever equivalent it would be.
The first round (up to level 10), both players must withdraw all (up to 6) members in their party to face off. If  both players have more than 6 under level 10 pokemon, or if the player who lost has extras, the players can trade them in in the next round or use their pokemon who survived the first round to continue. If this is the case, healing for pokemon who have already battled and survived for the next round is allowed. This goes for any other level range used.

To speed up the process, potions will not be used until the level 20 and up rounds (but up to 6 can be used, 1 per pokemon), no revives will be used (in other words, fainting = out), elixers are optional if needed.

The battle matchups will be set so there will be no substitutions.

Legendaries will fight with legendaries or pokemon in their respective range if a player has less legendaries than the opponent.

For a twist, for every three rounds the current parties for both teams would be traded between each other to hinder or enhance the player's chances of winning (however optional)

If a pokemon in a player's team has gained a level above the range (ex. 20->21), for the case of extra pokemon in one range rule, the newly leveled pokemon will not be allowed to stay in battle if the pokemon survived.

That's all I was able to come up with right now til next time reader

Monday, August 13, 2012

So How Was Your Summer?

So yeah, sorry I've been off for a while but i was out from school and being at home I have no internet.

Luckily, the library down the street has WiFi so I have been catching up by posting my work I have been doing for the summer.

I go back to school on the 20th so I will be back on an even tighter schedule (damn academic probation)

Anyways what's new with the company?

Well first off is Chem Labz.

Chem Labz was a podcast series i did back in 2009-10 on Jamglue that mixed/mashed music together in remixes/megamixes/mixtapes.

Jamglue got closed down in May 2010, so the series was supposedly cancelled.

That was until I came up with an idea with Virtual DJ

Now it isn't as glamorous as the original series, therefore it is called The Lost Mixes. In other words, it's the OVA to Chem Labz.

Most episodes are on Soundcloud while the rest are on I plan to post the rest in the future.

Next is Shinryaku Beat Tape 2. Of course, I did say I was going to do it at the end of the year, but because of all of the problems, I had to push it back. So it will hopefully be done next summer.

Third is Demitri Battles vs. the Universe. I started the tape but I'm not finished yet. I should be done before I go back.

Fourth is the video game series The Random Misadventures of PooPawMan the LP Man. I just finished Volume 1 and Volume 2 is currently up. Go to youtube and search "the lp man" to find out more.

Fifth is The Beatbox Project. That will return in a few weeks with my first interactive video. No info for now (I want to leave it a surprise)

Speaking of TBP, Beatbox Project Shorties--still on hiatus. Need to focus on other projects like MegaRock. I might do a video every now and again but nothing big for now.

MegaRock is my future sprite comic that crosses over Mega Man and Tron. I mean they so fit together. Right now that might be a once a week thing, but it won't start 'til next year.

That should be it for now. As for this blog, I'm still gonna post when I can with updates and nonsensical stuff. Just give it some time to grow.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

so i made a drinking game

it's called drunktendo and here's how it works (updated to version 1.5):

this is what i was thinking of in my spare time


Update: All categories where the audience takes shots are now part of Deception Mode. Regular Mode will not incorporate shots for the audience if the player succeeds.

Drunktendo is a new drinking game developed by Demitri Battles (aka DJ Skiptrakk aka PooPawMan) that is entirely fun (must be 21 and up to play).
Here is what you need:

A Game Console or a Laptop (Emulator optional)
Lots of Shot Glasses
Breathalizer (optional)
Platter Tray

The General Rule
The most important rule is to never play this with an RPG game because they tend to take forever. All other types of game genres are allowed so long as there's a winner and a loser.
The game can run for as long as you like, minimum 1 hour, mainly until there's one person left or it gets too long. I suggest a maximum for 5 hours if to not be serious.

How to Play
Playing Drunktendo varies by what's being played because the gameplay changes around. Therefore, there a few general rules to follow during rounds:

Whatever game is played there is always a contestant(s) and an audience. The player tries his/her best to stay ATI (above the influence). The audience can, at times, confuse the player to his/her advantage. General  drink guidelines are as follows:

1 shot for player = death/lost life
1 shot for audience = player succeds in level
3 shots = player loses the game/game over
3 shots for audience if the player wins

Every player gets 1 "BULLSHOT" card that can be used at anytime during the game. If a player plays his/her BULLSHOT card, a shot is placed on the platter dubbed "THE KEGGER". The amount of shots can be added to the KEGGER anytime during the BULLSHOT round. If the person fails, the shots from the KEGGER are added to the normal shot. Otherwise, the amount is given to the challenger(s) each.

The winner is determined by the person who has taken the least amount of shots, or (if a breathalizer is available) the alcohol level in which the players have consumed.

A bucket is provided at any time if the person has the urge to throw up during gameplay. However, (s)he is eliminated if they vomit and cannot play until the next Drunktendo event.

Here is some special rules applied for the type of game being played:

1 shot for each failed attempt the player makes; 1 shot for the audience if the player succeeds.

If lives are less than three, they can play until either they succeed or get a game over. Otherwise, the players take turns (if there are more than 3 players and the game supports only 2.)
For an extra challenge, play with one life and go with these guidelines: no shots if you make over 30,000 points, 1 shot for 20, 2 for 10, and 3 under. The drinks for the audience is as follows: If their bet is lost, they must assume all shots that were bet each. (If the person passes 30,000 the shot intake is doubled.) 

Save states are made for each player. The save state cannot be changed unless the level is complete.

Platformer (more than 2 player)
Normal rules apply

Basketball:1 shot per foul, 1 shot for whoever is behind at the end of the quarter, 3 shots for loss
Baseball: 1 shot per foul ball, 1 shot per out, 1 shot every 3 innings for score, 3 shots for loss
Football: 1 shot per penalty, 1 shot if a player gets a touchdown, 1 shot for whoever is behind, 3 shots for loss, 2 shots if a conversion is used
Hockey: 1 shot per penalty, 1 shot for penalty box, 3 shots for loss
Soccer: 1 shot per goal attempt, 3 for loss
Racing: (varies by amount of players) upper half place 1 shot, lower half place 2, last place 3.
Bowling: If someone gets to 300 points, everyone but the winner must take 3 shots. Otherwise:3 shots if under 50 (player) or 300 (audience)2 shots if under 100 or over 2501 shot if under 150 or over 200

In the case of a draw (or a tie in between quarters), a minigame will be played to determine the winner. The audience can bet their shots on the KEGGER for the player to win at anytime; if the betted player loses, the audience must share the KEGGER amount equally.

Game Show
Instead of one BULLSHOT card, each player will recieve 3. Double shots in lightning round, 3 shots final round.

FPS (multiplayer only)
A shot for a shot.

1 shot per loss, 2 shots if it lasts 3 rounds, 3 shots if longer.

Peripheral Games
In this category, the number of shots vary by rank:

(DJ Hero/Guitar Hero/Rock Band)
100%--Audience takes 3 shots
5 Stars--Audience takes 1 shot
3/4 Stars--Player takes 1 shot
2 Stars--Player takes 2 shots
0/1 Stars--Player takes 3 shots and humiliation from the audience

(DDR Games)
AAA (AAAA for some games)-3 shots for audience
AA-2 shots for audience
A-1 shot for audience
B-1 shot for player
C/D-2 shots for player
E/Fail-3 shots for player

(Kinect Games)
Follow the ranking system of the game you own
*For Wii games, only play as co-op

(WARNING: Try to keep control of your movements with the Wii-mote. Unless you can easily afford a LCD/Plasma TV, you do NOT want to let your grip slip and start a riot.)

Solo Mode (Practice)
Solo rounds are okay if you are new to this game. The only thing you must know is there are no BULLSHOT cards allowed during this time. Unless you are a raging alcoholic and have no care for your kidneys. Then by all means, go ahead.

Play Modes
Now you can play Drunktendo in four modes: Regular Mode#, Tank Mode, Deception Mode, and Insane Mode. 

Regular Mode is more relaxing and only the player(s) are taking shots. The audience will not take any shots unless (s)he has used their BULLSHOT card during the round.

Deception Mode is the classic mode where everyone is up for themselves. Shots are given to the audience if the player succeeds in any tasks the game persists. 

Last Shot Standing  is where everyone gets a set number of shots. When it is their turn on the game, any mistakes or fails will lead to shot intakes. Once they have run out of shots, the player is out. Last person standing or the person with the most shots reman=ining wins.

Insane Mode combines Tank Mode and Deception Mode. Only hardcore players are recommended for this.

Some Tips:
*Use your BULLSHOT card wisely. Using it at the right time can help you achieve victory.
*A can of beer is worth 12 shots, regular bottle is 20, and a 40 ounce is a killer.
*It's best to have a scorekeeper/referee to keep score and be the designated driver for the players of Drunktendo.
*Know your limits. You are free to quit at anytime.
*Have fun and drink responsibly


Interactive Video accompiament (will post this fall)

Added Regular, Last Shot Standing, Deception, and Insane Modes
Added Bowling in sports
Added Changelog
Changed Practice Mode to Solo Mode
Listed Mario Party in the Racing category of Sports Games

Added warning for Wii games
Added guidelines for Arcade Games

Added Peripheral Games section
Added limits tip

Added Practice Mode

Friday, March 30, 2012

So My Time Has Gotten Hectic...

why do I say that, you ask
well first off, there's school
i have four essays due in a couple of weeks (at least)
and I've been trying to get started on it
second, there the youtube page
i have a backlog of videos to make for the PooPawMan show and the Beatbox Proect
and the five-year anniversary is coming up so I need something for that
third, dj practicing
I need to get back to practicing so I can be a better DJ
fourth, my book
i have a food guide book that i started last year and i have barely been working on it recently due to my timing
fifth, tv catchup weekend
no explanation there
six, skywalk facts (the thing i do @ my job
so work is a factor too
hopefully things will get easier soon

Friday, March 2, 2012

So Today Was A Good Day

made my first fan music video w/ Lupe Fiasco's WWJD? He'd Probably LOL Like WTF

also finished my lp of Abobo's Big Adventure

otherwise I'm set for spring back so I won't be posting till the week after @least

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So I've Gotten Into Minecraft...

it's really fun
i have it on my psp (since i finally hacked it and the vita is out now)
that's what has been keeping my focus away
anyways i made a new beat
and i'm working on a music video (will be posted soon)
meanwhile i added some more mixtapes:
and i'm gonna post the rest soon
also i have a plan for this summer: for each day of summer i will post 3 songs from my old work on youtube--just to boost up my video count as well as work on Demitri Battles vs. the Universe (aka Me Against the World), my next rap foray.
this is my first summer tape since Planet of tha B'Apes so i'm excited
my next lp for the PooPawMan series is gonna be on the ZSNES (that's all i'm telling you)
and last but not least, Shinryaku Beat Tape 2: Gundam no Yabou
it will be sometime in Dec 2012/Jan 2013 (if we make it)
anyways that is the big update
peace out